Irrigation Department Punjab Jobs 2022 Fill Out Online Form

On this page, you will learn basic information regarding new government employment opportunities announced by the Irrigation Department, Government of Punjab.Q:We have found these Irrigation Department Punjab Jobs 2022 Fill Out Online Form from the Daily Dunya Newspaper.

Irrigation Department Punjab Jobs 2022

Location:    Punjab

Education:    Graduation, Literate, Relevant Diploma

Last Date:    May 27, 2022

Vacancies:    25

Vacant Positions:

  • Auto Cad Operators
  • Drivers
  • Office Assistants
  • Personal Assistants
  • Quantity Surveyors
  • Surveyors
  • Sweepers

For a period of three years, this recruitment will be done on a contract basis. Government Departments employees are also eligible to apply for this recruitment. The applicants across the Punjab Province are eligible to apply.

How to apply?

  • Candidates may forward applications online through for serial No. 1 to 5.
  • After submission of online applications, detailed CVs having attested copies of supporting documents should be submitted to the Head/Project Director, PMO Punjab Barrages, Project Office Building, Canal Bank, Mustafabad, Lahore.
  • For other positions, applications must be submitted in person to the position’s location or an authorized agent.

Irrigation Department Punjab Jobs 2022

Irrigation Department Punjab Jobs 2022 Fill Out Online Form

The Irrigation Department of Punjab is hiring! Check out the latest job openings and see if you’re a fit!

Do you have experience working in construction? If so, the Punjab Irrigation Department might be the right place for you to apply your knowledge! The Irrigation Department of Punjab is hiring, and they’re looking for individuals who can fill a variety of roles. In fact, they have three positions open that all focus on water distribution, management, and sales. Do you have what it takes to be a part of their team? Check out the details below! [INSERT DESCRIPTIONS HERE] Be sure to send in your resume if interested!

Previous Jobs

The Irrigation Department has previously hired business-minded professionals with various backgrounds in irrigation, project management, engineering, construction, design, development management and more. Looking for professional growth? Consider applying for one of these positions today! Here are some previous job descriptions to get an idea of what’s expected

Entry-level Positions

Entry-level jobs at The Irrigation Department can range from hydrologists, who study water resources, to field technicians, who oversee irrigation infrastructure. Entry-level positions often require an associate’s degree or bachelor’s degree in engineering, agriculture or environmental science. Most entry-level positions are available for seasonal employees during peak irrigation season. However, some entry-level employees may be hired on as full-time staff after completing an apprenticeship program at The Irrigation Department. There are no formal requirements for workers in these types of entry-level positions; previous experience working with The Irrigation Department and knowledge of farming practices will make you more competitive when applying for these positions. Many higher level managers started their careers in entry-level roles with The Irrigation Department.

Administrative Positions

The administrative positions are there to assist engineers in their work. Ranging from junior engineer to executive engineer, all positions report directly to an engineer. Pay varies greatly, but because most of these positions are based in Lahore, expect it to be slightly higher than other jobs on offer with many public service departments. These jobs do not require education beyond college level and are open for applicants who can speak English well enough for basic communications duties. Positions include administration assistants and assistants to assistant engineers, along with entry-level clerical support staff like stenographers, typists and couriers/messengers.

Technical Positions

There are numerous jobs in irrigation, water resources management, environmental sciences, natural resource conservation, landscape architecture and more. You’ll need to be very comfortable with math and science in order to work on these teams—to say nothing of knowing how to manage budgets and critical deadlines. These types of positions usually require at least a bachelor’s degree for entry-level positions but sometimes require advanced degrees. Many government agencies hire graduates right out of college; those with relevant experience may find themselves working as professionals even earlier.

Project Manager Position

The Water Resources department in Punjab has been regarded as one of the best government departments in Pakistan with high standards. Since its inception, it has established itself as an institution that makes big development changes. For example, Kala Bagh Dam was built after many years of rigorous efforts by men like Mohammad Ali Jinnah who were officials at that time. The department always aims to modernize irrigation practices so that farmers can reap maximum benefits from all existing dams and canals throughout their land. However, due to corruption, mismanagement, lack of transparency etc., it has failed to live up to its reputation at times which reflects negatively on Pakistan overall.

Final Thoughts on the Job Opportunities with the Irrigation Department in Punjab

If you’re interested in employment with public service, then it’s worth taking a look at any positions that come up within your area of expertise. For example, while jobs with government departments aren’t always known for high salaries or exciting projects, they can be great entry-level positions that allow you to gain valuable experience on behalf of your community.

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