Today Pakistan Ordnance Factories POF Jobs 2022

On this page, we’ve posted jobs available at Pakistan Ordnance Factories (POF) in Wah Cantt. We’ve received the information from the Daily Express newspaper on 20th March 2022.\

Today Pakistan Ordnance Factories POF Jobs 2022

Location:    Wah Cantt

Education:    Master, Ph.D

Last Date:    March 26, 2022

Vacancies:    01

Vacant Positions:

  • Project Director

The Pakistan Ordnance Factories Board is currently looking to hire enthusiastic, energetic, motivated, and creative talented individuals on a contract basis for a period of one year. The contract could be extended based on a satisfactory performance.

How to Apply for Pakistan Ordnance Factories POF Jobs 2022?

  • If you’re interested in applying to be a part of our team, you can apply through our
  • Candidates may now apply online through a variety of channels including email, fax, phone and.

Today Pakistan Ordnance Factories POF Jobs 2022

Today Pakistan Ordnance Factories POF Jobs 2022

Why You Should Consider a Career in the Pakistan Ordnance Factories

The Pakistan Ordnance Factories (POF) have been in the news recently after they conducted the POF Jobs Recruitment Test. With thousands of applicants taking part, it was one of the biggest employment opportunities in Pakistan in the recent past. But before you rush to throw your hat into the ring, it’s a good idea to learn more about what the Ordnance Factories actually do and how they got started. In this article, we will examine some of the most important details about what it means to work for the POF and why you might want to take them up on their job offer!

Pakistan Ordnance Factories Overview

The Pakistan Ordnance Factories are responsible for producing and developing ammunition and weapons for the nation’s defense forces. It’s been around since 1970 and is composed of 12 factories across four regions, though most major factories are located in Punjab. This institution was formed to replace Britain’s Royal Small Arms Factory as well as produce firearms for local use. The organization has grown greatly over time; employing thousands of skilled employees, who have helped develop technologies that have changed Pakistani defense tactics. These employees have designed many new types of weaponry, which include rifles and armored vehicles. For example, they were able to create an anti-tank guided missile platform within 18 months after the project’s conception by international developers.

What are the different departments?

The ordnance factories were set up to manufacture equipment and weapons for our army. So, there are several departments as below: 1. Design & Development Department 2. Quality Assurance Department 3. Production Engineering Department 4. Production Control & Material Management Department 5. Production Execution, Maintenance & Support Department 6. Administration & General Services 7. Accounts 8. Engineering Stores 9. Scientific, Technical & R&D Department 10. Test Centers 11….

What do they make?

The POF is responsible for turning raw materials into finished products—everything from tanks to clothing, ammunition to metal furniture. The sheer number of items made by POF is staggering and varied. Check out their annual report for details. If you’re interested in pursuing a career at POF, it’s a good idea to review their list of current projects and determine whether they’re things you can see yourself working on, or whether there are more interesting (or more relevant) opportunities elsewhere. (For example, if you’re passionate about women’s rights but want to work with businesses that aren’t already progressive when it comes to gender parity, it might be best not to pursue employment at POF.)

Who can apply?

All Pakistani citizens are eligible to apply. However, they must be at least 18 years of age by March 2017 and should have completed high school with science subjects. Ideally, applicants should also have experience or education in manufacturing-related fields like engineering or chemistry. The selection process is based on an applicant’s test scores, education and experience level, as well as knowledge of weapons systems and ammunition technology. POF jobs also require fluency in Urdu and English languages because candidates will work with weapons systems from around the world. Candidates who make it through to phase 2 are further evaluated based on their technical skills and previous performance evaluations from employers (if applicable).

How to apply?

The POF is one of the leading Public Sector Organization dealing with manufacturing, R&D and export of world class weapon systems for Army, Navy and Air force. The main objective of POF is to fulfill manpower requirements of state owned defence organizations. Therefore, Candidates who are eligible and interested to take up civilian jobs with defense sectors should apply for these upcoming vacancies of POF Jobs to kick start their career. Interested candidates should have done Bachelors’ Degree or equivalent qualification from any recognized university / institute as well as minimum requirement age limit. If you are looking for government jobs in India so visit our website regularly by following Career Advice section because we will be providing all latest updates regarding govt jobs on regular basis.

Is it worth it?

Your job is supposed to be your life, and if you’re working for someone else, it’s almost guaranteed that you spend more than half of your day at work. For many people, their job doesn’t just offer financial compensation; it provides them with regular praise and recognition. If you can find a career that matches well with your talents and skills while also offering an environment where you can thrive personally, it could be one of the best decisions you ever make. So is it worth going after? In short, yes! The Pakistan Ordnance Factories POF Jobs 2022 are great opportunities for those interested in working within state-run industrial or defense companies.

The most important question answered

What is it about POF jobs that’s so appealing? Of course, if you’re interested in joining these organizations, there are many reasons to be excited about them, but we want to call out some of their most attractive features. For example, starting salaries for civilian employees at government-owned factories and plants is relatively high. This means your salary will be competitive from day one, which should ease concerns that an initial job might not provide enough financial security down the road. The work environment can also be extremely rewarding—especially if you get involved with projects involving national defense or security. There’s really nothing quite like having access to materials and resources that help keep your country safe and secure!

Final Thoughts

At POF, we are keen to show our gratitude and respect for all members of our organization, past and present. We pay tribute to all those who have contributed to development of POF over the years. Pakistan Ordnance Factories Jobs 22nd January 2013 The following list is a compilation of people and employees who have greatly contributed towards achievement of objectives at POF and earned fame within their respective fields while serving their country; they deserve only praise: Khan Amir Abdul Qayyum Khan Hidayatullah (1874-1936)

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