Pakistani Institute of Development Economics PIDE Jobs 2022

The Pakistani Institute of Development Economics (PIDE) has published a notice that is intended to fill open positions in the organization. To apply for any of these jobs, visit the official website at:

Pakistani Institute of Development Economics PIDE Jobs 2022

Location:    Islamabad

Education:    Bachelor, Master, Matric, MBA

Last Date:    March 29, 2022

Vacancies:    09

Vacant Positions:

  • Accounts Officer
  • Administrative Officer
  • Audit Officer
  • Manager
  • Manager IT/Website
  • Qasid/Office Boy

This job opening will be made under a contract with PIDE. The decision is final and the hiring authority remains responsible for the employment of the successful candidate. Only eligible professionals can apply for this position.

How to Apply?

  • Interested applicants can submit their applications online through OR Click Here.
  • Within 15 days from the date of issue, we will review all
  • Eligible applicants only will be considered.

Pakistani Institute of Development Economics PIDE Jobs 2022

Pakistani Institute of Development Economics PIDE Jobs 2022

How to get a job at the Pakistani Institute of Development Economics

The Pakistani Institute of Development Economics (PIDE) was set up in September 1959 under the auspices of the Pakistan Academy of Sciences (PAS) and the Economic Planning Division (EPD) of the Government of Pakistan. This distinguished development economics institute carries out research, training and policy analysis to promote human development and sustainable economic growth in Pakistan. Jobs at PIDE are available in various disciplines such as development economics, energy economics, labor markets, gender studies, demography and more. Learn how to apply for jobs at PIDE to join this prestigious institution at all levels in the fields listed above.

Know the institute

IDEA was established in September 1972 as an autonomous research organization with links to Pakistan’s planning and policymaking. Its aim is to provide high-quality, objective, scientific and policy-relevant research which can be used by government, civil society organizations and development agencies both within Pakistan and internationally. The institute is housed in its own building on Mall Road in Islamabad. IDEA has about 50 employees, including about 15 scientists (economists). Currently Dr Syed Khurshid Ali has been appointed as Director General of IDEA who serves on deputation from Planning Commission. The present Chairman of IDEA Governing Board is Dr Miftah Ismail serving on deputation from World Bank where he was Country Director for Bangladesh and Myanmar & Sri Lanka.

Prepare for their test

To apply for PIDE jobs, you’ll have to sit for a written test. The test usually takes two days and consists of 100 multiple-choice questions. You’ll be tested on subjects including general knowledge, geography, economics, mathematics and statistics. To study for your upcoming written test, try reading up on these subjects. Practice by taking as many mock tests as possible and familiarize yourself with common types of questions asked in multiple-choice exams like this one. Also check out online tutorials such as YouTube videos that teach basic principles from all these different fields (e.g., what econometrics is). Use your own notes or textbooks to jog your memory whenever necessary during your practice sessions.

Understand what you’re getting into

If you’re interested in working for PIDE, but don’t have a background in economics or development work, it can be daunting—so take some time and do your research. You don’t need a degree in development economics to apply for and land a position there, but you should be ready to explain why you think you would be an asset to their organization. The best way to put your best foot forward is by understanding what PIDE does and figuring out how your skillset could help them achieve their goals. Don’t have prior experience? That doesn’t mean they won’t consider you; it just means that they’ll expect more from you when it comes time for review!

Write an excellent CV and cover letter

To apply for an interview, you’ll need to prepare your CV, which is short for curriculum vitae (say: KOO-ree-ah-lum VYE-tay), or résumé. You’ll also need to write a cover letter, which introduces you and explains why you’re worth interviewing. Both documents are important parts of the application process—but which should come first? It depends on whether your target company has any open positions posted publicly. If there are no posted openings, then it’s a good idea to start working on your cover letter and CV so that you can use them when applying for other jobs later.

Put yourself out there – Research institutions, attend events, network with people who know people etc.

You might have had no idea there was an organization like PIDE out there or that you would be interested in working there, but now that you know, it’s time to start networking. Not sure where to start? Start by looking into organizations related to your field of study and look for people who work at places you’ve been interested in. Make an effort to attend lectures and seminars put on by these organizations, talk with employees after their talks, ask them how they got their jobs and what skills they feel are most important. If possible, attend social events so you can meet new people and expand your network even further.

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