FF Steel Jobs 2022 in Lahore Plant

The FF Steel plant is the largest and fastest rolling mill in Pakistan in terms of production capacity and rolling speed. This is a great opportunity for skilled workers to get their foot in the door in this exciting field! FF Steel Jobs 2022

The company was founded in 1986 and since then has met the standards set by international organizations. It is proud of its quality assurance procedures, processes, and products.

FF Steel Jobs 2022

 Posted on: 28th February 2022
Job Location: Lahore
 Education: Matric, Middle, Relevant Diploma
 Last Date: March 07, 2022
 Total Vacancies: 64
 Department: FF Steel
 Address: FF Steel, 7 Kilometer, Manga-Raiwind Road, Lahore

Candidates holding Diploma of Secondary Education (Matriculation), Instrument Diploma, Electric Diploma, Middle, and Mechanical Diploma may apply for these vacancies. Candidates must fill the experience requirements as described in the job offer.

Vacant Positions:

  • Assistant Foreman Furnance Mechanical
  • Caster
  • CCM Fitter
  • Crance Mechanical Fitter
  • Crance Mechanical Helper
  • Crance Mechanical In-charge
  • Crane Electrician
  • Cranes Electrical Helper
  • Electrical Foreman Melt Shop
  • Electrician Helper Melt Shop
  • Electrician Melt Shop
  • Foreman CCM Mechanical
  • Foreman Furnancce Mechanical
  • Furnace Electrical Helper
  • Furnace Electrician
  • Furnace Fitter
  • Furnace Mechanical Helper
  • Production Foreman CCM
  • Shift In-charge Electrical Melt Shop

How to Apply?

Desired candidates can upload their resumes on our website and apply for jobs. We’ll review their work and get in touch if we find the position for them. ## CITATION CITATION. You must use the authors’ and year citations in your own work and any work that you publish, including blog posts. This is what shows up when you do a search in a library or archive.

Applications to join our team must be submitted by the end of February and we will take into consideration any submitted applications before the deadline of 7th March 2022.

FF Steel Jobs 2022

FF Steel Jobs in Lahore Plant – Don’t Miss Your Chance!

If you’re looking to start your career in steel industry, and if you’re interested in working for one of the biggest names in Pakistan, then read on, because FF Steel Jobs in Lahore Plant will be the most important job opportunity of your life! At FF Steel, we are hiring people with great character, who are willing to work hard and who want to make their dreams come true. If this sounds like you, keep reading! We need to hire 12 workers at our Lahore plant, which produces both low carbon steel and stainless steel coils.

Notifications are going out tomorrow

FF Steel is one of Pakistan’s largest employers and a national hero. If you’re still looking for work, and haven’t applied yet, don’t miss your chance! HR will be contacting candidates to let them know their status and when they can start. There are few opportunities like it out there, and here at FF we believe in giving people their shot. It’s time to get that call. Are you ready? Get ready! Tomorrow’s going to be big. Good luck!

I know this plant is new to you

you haven’t had a chance to work with FF steel before, so you aren’t sure if it is a company you want to work for. That’s okay! You don’t have to make that decision right now. But you should at least know why I think working here could be an awesome opportunity.

Our vision for Karachi

As a company, we’re always looking for ways to grow our business and improve our product offerings. In order to achieve that, we’re opening up a brand new manufacturing plant in Karachi. This state-of-the-art facility will be made from international steel suppliers, each one of which is handpicked by us after rigorous evaluation. We take great pride in what we do, and are convinced that there isn’t a better plant anywhere else on Earth right now; soon there won’t be anywhere outside of our factory walls at all! If you have an eye for excellence and would like to work with one of most exciting companies currently offering FF steel jobs abroad, then don’t miss your chance: Apply today.

What sets us apart from competitors?

Our steel factory is set to open doors in 2022 and we are looking for exceptional individuals to join our team. We will offer you a complete range of benefits, including access to all company events and activities, an extremely competitive salary and stock options for company growth. You will also have access to top of line health care plans and other opportunities for growth within our corporation. The FF Corporation prides itself on its diverse group of employees from around the world; we take great pride in honoring that legacy. Our global community includes professionals from various backgrounds with varying experience levels as well as young ambitious people looking to start their careers with us here at FF International.

Aftercare & other benefits

Have you ever heard of an aftercare program? Of course you have, everyone’s done it. We know that an Aftercare program is a good thing to do, but how many companies do you actually see doing it? A lot fewer than you probably think. FF Steel has already established itself as a leading player in steel manufacturing, and we want to keep it that way. So we encourage each individual employee to start a personal Aftercare program that will guide them through what can be some potentially stressful times when they’re not at work. That way, our employees can focus on their family and personal life without worrying about what might happen if they get injured or sick while they’re away from work—because they know FF Steel will take care of them.

FAQs about working with our company

What are you looking for? We are always on the lookout for high-performing candidates who aspire to be leaders. You’ll get a ton of responsibility right out of school and we want people who love that. Are your internships paid? Yes, they are paid. We believe that experience is important, but know that experience doesn’t come cheap; so we pay our interns competitive salaries with performance-based raises throughout their time here.

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