Defence Housing Authority DHA Multan Jobs 2022 – Apply Online

On this page, we post information about the latest recruitment for Defence Housing Authority DHA Multan Jobs 2022. Applications are invited from qualified and experienced individuals to fill vacant posts.

Defence Housing Authority DHA Multan Jobs 2022

Location:    Multan

Education:    ACCA, CA, MBA

Last Date:    March 27, 2022

Vacancies:    03

The advertisements are very clear about what is needed to be considered for the job. There is a list of the required skills in the job notice and candidates can find them.

Vacant Positions:

  • Additional Director Marketing
  • Assistant Director Finance
  • Deputy Director Audit

How to Apply Online for Defence Housing Authority DHA Multan Jobs 2022?

  • Applications are invited to submit their CV online at the Dhammakaya Online Jobs portal here: https://careers.
  • Applicants may also be forwarded to the HR branch at the DHA Multan – 1, Multan Public School Road,
  • Candidates’ CVs submitted through postal services or online should reach by 27th March 2022.

Defence Housing Authority DHA Multan Jobs 2022

Defence Housing Authority DHA Multan Jobs 2022 – Apply Online

Applying for a Job with the Defence Housing Authority in Multan

Are you considering applying for the jobs at DHA Multan in Pakistan? Great idea! DHA Multan has openings for many great job opportunities, and you can learn about them here and then apply online if you think that DHA Multan might be the right place to work. Read on to learn more! The first thing to consider when looking at the DHA Multan jobs is where you want to work specifically. There are offices in multiple cities in Pakistan, so see if there’s one nearby before deciding on which positions you would like to apply for.


The need to apply for jobs and look to get something new can be frustrating. You need to do your research, you need to write a resume, you may have to take an exam or two and depending on your industry, you may even have to go through an interview process. So how does one actually find work? The job market is tough out there so it’s important that people are prepared. For example, employers don’t want just any employee; they want an employee who is passionate about their job and knows what they are doing—and that person is going to come from somewhere.

Major responsibilities

DHA Multan Recruitment Department is offering various vacancies for Multi-Dimensional Employees (Administrative, Secretarial & Non-Administrative), which are filled through walk-in interviews and written exams. The eligible candidates can now apply on these vacant positions by following some certain guidelines. The selected candidates would get lucrative remuneration packages and other applicable perks. Most of such jobs require graduates with relevant experience, but all candidates will be considered, provided they have minimum qualification requirement of 10th grade or equivalent certificate from any recognized board/institution.

Things to be aware of

This one is a bit long, but it’s chock-full of good information. Again, you may want to do some research on sites like Quora or Glassdoor to get more information about working in each particular company’s field. Remember that your post should be as professional as possible and should come across as knowledgeable and knowledgeable. Also keep in mind that you’re using first person here. Not only does that make it easier to include personal experience, but it also shows your audience that you have confidence in what you’re writing about since anyone can just make up facts if they don’t actually know anything about something.

How to apply

Whether you are applying for your first job or changing career paths, there is no substitute for working on-the-job experience. If you’re ready to start looking for a job, check out all of our vacancies and apply to open positions that interest you. To make sure you’re setting yourself up for success, we recommend taking action before, during and after an interview: Research what it’s like to work at DHA by reading stories from our employees Connect with current employees Reach out to staff ahead of time as they can help guide you throughout your application Find out if there is any extra information they want during interviews Bring business cards to leave with contacts Follow up! It may take more than one conversation before receiving feedback so keep trying!

What skills are needed

What kind of skills do you need to be able to work with them? What are you hoping to get out of your job? Do you have any experience working directly or indirectly with organisations like theirs? What kinds of industries did they work within? If you were given an opportunity to work there, what would your day-to-day look like? In addition, research their company itself. How long has it been around? Have they had any lawsuits against them recently or controversies in their history that could shed some light on why exactly you’re being hired? Also ask yourself: if I were an employer, what is one thing I’d want my employees to know about me and my business goals, and how can I show that through my resume and cover letter.

What credentials are required

Since you will be working on government premises, your application form needs to be filled out and submitted through proper channels. When applying, you’ll need to include your educational degrees and work history, along with any information about relevant skills or training you may have acquired. If applying through official DHA channels (e.g., by mailing off an application letter), applicants should also attach several copies of their resume or CV to make sure their application is processed quickly. This is especially important since many of these posts are subject to quotas that must be met by the deadline date. No matter what route you take to apply, though, it’s always best to apply as early as possible.

What are the salary packages like?

As much as you’d like to believe that your cover letter and resume are enough to get you an interview, it won’t hurt to have a few extra facts at your disposal. Here are some things that might come up during an interview: Where do you see yourself in five years? How did your past experience help shape who you are today? Can you explain a time when something didn’t go according to plan, and how did you deal with it? What’s one thing you wish someone had told you earlier about working here? When’s the last time you went out of your way to help someone else? Which of our competitors would be your dream company, and why?

What you will be doing on a daily basis

This will depend on your exact role, but you should expect to be working alongside your colleagues and overseeing employees. You’ll make sure everyone is carrying out their roles properly and deal with any problems as they arise. As well as managing people, you may have specific targets to hit or an overall goal to achieve, such as ensuring that work is completed by a certain date. As well as working within an office environment, you may need to do field visits at times—which can mean getting involved onsite with building projects or meeting clients in person.

General tips for writing cover letters and resumes

What should I include in my resume? How do I write a cover letter? What format should they be in? Where do I look for jobs and how do I apply? These are just some of questions you may be asking yourself when preparing to start looking for employment. The good news is that our new series on how to find jobs will answer all your questions!

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