Assistant Lineman ALM Jobs 2022 in PESCO –

The Peshawar Electric Supply Company PESCO is looking for suitable and energetic candidates who are from the province of Pakistan. We collected the jobs for the assistant lineman in PESCO from the Daily Aaj & Jang newspaper.

The recruitment will be made solely on a contractual basis for a period of three years on a lump sum pay package, extendable to satisfactory performance, for these PESCO Jobs 2022. Interested candidates can get detailed information from this website.

Assistant Lineman ALM Jobs 2022

Location:    KPK

Education:    Matric

Last Date:    March 27, 2022

Vacancies:    1877

Vacant Positions:

  • Assistant Lineman ALM

Those who get a minimum of 50% marks in the written test will be called for physical test, those who get a minimum of 50% marks in the skill test will be called for physical test, and those who get a minimum of 45% marks in

How to Apply for PESCO Jobs?

  • Interested individuals who fulfill the physical and educational requirements may apply online through the Uet Testing website.
  • The online applications need to be submitted within 15 days after the publication of the advertisement.
  • The Application Processing Fee needs to be deposited by the candidates.

Assistant Lineman ALM Jobs 2022

Assistant Lineman ALM Jobs 2022 in PESCO –

Apply Now for Assistant Lineman ALM Jobs in 2022

If you’re interested in working as an assistant lineman on high-voltage power lines, check out the job opportunities listed below. These jobs are open for electrical linemen to apply now and will close on January 15, 2022. To get started, choose from our list of available jobs below and submit your application online. Don’t delay—the job market is growing fast, so start looking today!

Should I go through training?

Being an electrician can be a dangerous job. To mitigate that danger, many states require employees to complete a licensing or training course before going on-the-job. Most of these courses last several weeks and are considered required training by most employers. Even if you already have previous experience as an electrician, completing any state-mandated training is still something you may want to do, especially if your current certificate has expired. Your employer may pay for it and they might expect that you take it anyway; otherwise, you could end up earning less than minimum wage during your first few months on a new job! If paid by your employer, ask if they will reimburse you when (or if) you finish.

The requirements for the job

Requirements for a lineman include good physical and mental health, because it can be physically demanding and dangerous at times. Employers will want to see that you have experience climbing poles, working with high voltage systems, reading blueprints and know how to use tools such as power drills and cutting equipment. It’s also good to show that you have basic computer skills. Although there aren’t any formal education requirements, most employers look favorably on linemen who also have an associate’s or bachelor’s degree.

Benefits of working as an assistant lineman

Working as an assistant lineman offers a great deal of flexibility. The long hours are balanced by good pay and opportunities to work overtime; because you’re working on oil rigs that aren’t always in use, many days involve waiting around until they’re needed. If you have issues with time management, taking on an assistant lineman job is a great option—you can read, watch movies or go swimming while waiting for your rig to be deployed. However, if you’re looking to take on more responsibility and fast-track your career as a lineman, there are better positions available. Always keep your resume updated if you want to move up within ALM jobs soon.

How much do assistant linemen make?

The average salary of a lineman is $43,000, which is roughly $18 per hour. This means an entry-level lineman could expect to make about $21,500 after one year. The exact amount will vary depending on location and experience. For example, someone with more than five years of experience might have a higher annual salary because employers are willing to pay more for workers who know what they’re doing. A person’s salary can also increase as he works his way up through various other roles and responsibilities within his organization, such as foreman or superintendent. It all depends on his ambition and work ethic – but we get ahead of ourselves…The starting salary is our focus here!

What kind of high school classes should I take?

It’s important to remember that your first two years of high school will set you up for success. It is not uncommon to take classes such as English, math, science and world history during your freshman and sophomore years. If you are interested in pursuing a career as an assistant lineman, it would be beneficial to take as many technology related courses during these years. Knowing how to use software programs such as Microsoft Office or QuickBooks can help with day-to-day tasks such as sending invoices or bookkeeping. Additionally, calculus helps train your brain on how to think abstractly and logically about problems.

Is it possible to climb the ladder from lineman to foreman?

Yes, it’s possible to climb from lineman to foreman. It’s a slow process, but it’s possible. In fact, many electricians start out as linemen and slowly build their way up over time through experience and persistence. In order to get promoted from lineman to foreman, you need solid work experience and transferable skills like leadership abilities. Additionally, you might have to be in your employer’s good graces—i.e., get along with your boss or other managers—to find success at becoming a foreman. Once again: yes, it’s definitely possible.

What are some key traits that you need to become an assistant lineman?

To become an assistant lineman, it is important to have strong organizational skills. Being organized will enable you to be able to keep up with what needs to be done and when. To become an assistant lineman, it is also important that you are reliable and responsible. You will need these traits since you will be working alongside linemen on a daily basis and they rely on you to do your job well. In addition, if someone does not perform their job duties as expected, it could create trouble for them as well as other linemen nearby. To become an assistant lineman, it is essential that you possess great communication skills as well so that you can clearly convey directions from supervisors or managers when given new tasks or orders from above.

What skills will I learn while going through training?

While you are learning how to become an assistant lineman, your trainer will cover a range of skills. These include troubleshooting, communication, and math. The first thing that you’ll learn is troubleshooting. This will take up much of your time while you’re training to be an assistant lineman, as they need to find out what’s wrong with a particular machine or power line before they can fix it. The next skill that you’ll pick up is communication. As mentioned previously, these workers spend most of their time out in remote areas without any means of contacting anyone if something goes wrong (or even if everything is going smoothly). They therefore have to become skilled at communicating via radio or cell phone and make sure that everybody who needs information gets it as quickly as possible.

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